Probably on about pitch 8, 1000 feet up, while standing on a belay ledge a square foot in area, the wind began to pick up. I pasted myself to the wall, not looking anywhere but up. While belaying, I noticed a sling that read: "warning, climbing is dangerous". At that moment I laughed a little; here I was at an incredible elevation on a tiny ledge attached to the rock with a piece of metal. Early, around 6 in the morning, I had ascended 500 feet in one push. After that, I climbed a 5.9—in approach shoes. Almost every belay station was hanging. The tiny little tag with its warning message seemed so meeble, so pointless, considering my circumstance. Nonetheless, the elevation stopped worrying me. It's now something like an airplane—you're so high up it doesn't matter. What really scares me are the jet-force winds that pick you up and make everything hard to do and everything hard to hear. 

Today, we finished on El Cap Tower, twelve pitches in and about ~1500 feet up. Tomorrow includes the Texas Flake and King Swing. I'm not sure how I'm going to like a swing 2000 feet up. Setting up the portaledge now, and I just found out that I'm sharing the wall with Alex Honnold! Anyway, it was a great, long day of climbing and I look forward to what's more to come.